Thursday, April 9, 2009

only u can make my heart smile..

my lips always nobody know inside my heart..who care about laugh and smile?ya..meby for u guys its important....but for me feelings..ya..i can let my outside happy..everybody know always happy..they always said that i never been crying in front of them..every minutes i laugh..making joke..becoz i dun want nobody know about me..
only one person..yes..him..die yg selalu yg wat ak happy..kekadang byk gak sedih..but i know he must have a reasons fot whatever he do..
die..yg wat ak kuat semangat dlm tempuh idup nih..yg selalu bg cabaran dlm senyap supaye ak terus kuat..jgn mudah silence..i berubah dari seorang yg lemah pada seorang yg kuat..tidak mudah mengalah pada masalah...
ak tak tau die tau tak sume nih..dan ak rase die tak tau pun...biarlah..
"if someone can give u sumthing i cant..can make u smile when i make u cry..then..u have to think bout urself..its not being selfish for thinking for urself at strong about it.."

sepatutnye cite ni dipublish pade 9 april ak cam tak mampu nak meneruskan je la..erm...

dear..will miss u forever..



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