Saturday, April 4, 2009

final exam..just around the corner... final exam for final sem..for final year..its around the corner..huhu..everything is the final!hope i can do the best for this final..start 22 april..and what i cant imagine in..1st paper is SELLING and next day..23 april is RM...ouh..its very my mind cam takde sgt sal i want to sit for final? get dean again? positive..dun panic..i still have time..i know i can do my best...and last busines..after 2 weeks RM's paper..hehe..kompem leh score nye IB..lalala..kalo membace la not worry about mine sgt..but him..i hope he also can try the best for get a good result this always pray for our success friend and my sisters..and everyone..dear my friends..and my huny..hehe..our parents always want the best for us..and as sons and daughter..try to re back ape yg dorang telah wat tuk kite...bukan mase depan kite je penting..tanpa keberkatan dari mak abh..kite tak mungkin berjaya..always ingat pesanan mereka..jgn lpe balas jasa mereka..even kite jauh dari mata mereka..mereka selalu berharap pada kita..yang terbaik dari kita..and as their our responsible..
for my friend KPTM program..good luck for ur final next week..and for UITM..jgn lupe stad..nak dekat dah nih..and for him..again..good luck ea..i know u can do it..



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