Saturday, April 4, 2009

a clown guide to the orchestra..amazing!

HELLO!!what is all about?yeah...amazing and fantastic performance from melvin tix(a clown)and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra...thank to admin darul izzah yang bg jemputan utnuk we all(ak,daya,farah,syafiqa,niza and khairi) ikut and join korang tgk performance nih..hehe..even though it more suitable for children but is so enjoyble..coz i haven't go this concert before..staying in the hall and listening the life orchestra is new experience to me..hope in futurre i can get more chance to attend this kind of anf great..psst..for guys yg rase2 nak bg hadiah ke kan..beli la tiket tuk sure u r the most loving person i u..nnti mi beli kan tiket konsert taylor swift..hehe..k?haha..thanks again to en hamdan and warden2 darul izzah..and for Malaysia..u have a greatest orchestra and i am as malaysian very proud to be part of you..LOVE is some picture from usual but sayang..dlm dewan tak dibenarkan take pic..and what can i said about that place, it very beautiful..hehe..take a look..=))



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