Friday, August 7, 2009


that number was the number of date will never come again in our life..789..i dun know what to type here in my post today..just i like to write that title..hehe..070809..yesterday..i received one MSG from my friend, at 12:34:56 on 070809..will the best moment..because, we can get that number in future again..once in our life..123456789...ya..the number is only number..for imaginative thinking..its full with unique and today end, i want my post also have a unique and it something happen today..friday..hari yg paling mulia diantara hari lain...didalam bulan few minutes, it will be 080809..some of my friends were born on that day...i will like to wish happy befday frens...may all ur wishes come true...

sedang membuat assgnment yg isnin ni nak anta..hehe
esok lak ade modul smpy kol 2...

hurm..u..u tak gi tau pun u jadik pm..
kecik ati nih..
tak pe la..

btw..nite all..

sleep asus~~



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