Thursday, July 30, 2009

new again..

last day for July..tomorrow new day in august will come..and perhaps this not my last post..=)
about yesterday...because of some i dun wrte my day activities at the end of day..just check out my fb and ms..
he always ask me to going out in the last minute..i dun have much time to choose what dress i should wear..tudung lag..aissh..always treat me like that..haha..but im ok..act..tu mase dulu2 je..skrg..i tak kisah pun nak pki baju pe.if dulu..dulu..always want look perfect in front him..but now..its not only about beauty outside..its more how both of us connected each other..thru it?hehe..
so sekian kali nye..kami lepak2 kt mid..rasenye..last two week..kami pegi mid it places become perkare penting tuk kite jumpe?..sometimes..if selalu buhsan la kan..
so.. utk kali ni..tak gi tgk movie pun..just jenjalan..borak..its more precious moment..if we spend 2 hours in movie..can not talk to each waste rite?hee..(act cam takde cite best time tuh..and jimat wang la kan..)hehe..hampir sume kedai and level kat mid tu we all round..i carik sweater kt jusco..and die knon2 nak carik short..haha..lastly..dedue tak beli pape..aishh..
well..act ptg semalam i got appoinment with my dentist..wink2** are just in hurry..nak kuar dari mid kol 4...dah nak smpy tangger bergerak menuju ke ktm dah nih...but pk2 balik..if nak sharp on time..lame lagi kene tunggu smpy my appoinment..and dgn rase confindent..kami masuk balik kan..continue window shopping..haha..lepak mkn aiskrim..whee..erm..but u..i like ur idea yg gi seremban pk2 tak best gak..nnti i balik sorang2..buhsan..hee..=p..neway hope u suke ngan little dino@semut2@bee..hehe..
hermm..hehe..i got new colour for my braces..teke la warne pe plak..hehe..and im happy coz dr kate byk perubahan..hehehe
i nak bersiap gi sg buloh..esok ade kenduri arwah..sempena nak ramadhan ni kan..

sleep asus~~

1 Comment:

cuci said...

braces pun nk kaler2 ke..
kaler gigi trus la.. :p


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