Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dulu skrg same je...

"same je cam dulu...what should i do?..dulu die tak suke..skrg da takde pape pun die tak suke...dulu boleh la..ak merajuk at least lastly die sedar yg ak awek die..tp skrg..ak wat bende yg same but as friends..still tak suke..should i blame him?because of the things he dun like..ak tersepit kat tgh2..camtuh?and for now..he never care pun..coz im not his 'awek' anymore..just friends..but dari dulu till now..pernah die paham tak?if dulu pun tak paham..skrg lagi la kan..sbb its not his prob tuk paham ak kan...dulu..he always ask me to understand him..but..die?pernah paham ker?i dun know what to do..i try to forget him..but in the same time i miss him..so much..even dulu die selalu tinggal ak..i dun care..becoz ak syg die..i try to laugh together to avoid my pain..erm..what the impotant i want to tell u..i not blame him,not his fault..wait for the fate"

so..just now ..i was listening to my friend..act saw her typing text..she had a prob..and what can i do..i just listen..maybe once time ago i had a same experience with her..but..i know..im more lucky than her..i have a gud bf..that always care for me..with emphaty..i crying with her...we all borak dlm ym jer..just chatting..but i can feel what she feel..and my air mata terus mengalir and mengalir..sbb sambil duk dpn pc..im watching konsert AF..musim ke 5 minggu ke 7..last2 yg af bawak parents dorang jumpe ngan student..tersentuh lagi hati ak...for my friend..what can i say here..
sabar la..sabar tu kunci bahagia..maybe not for now..takdir u akn tibe gak..ade yg lebih susah dari u..fikir tu jela..satu hari nnti u akn jumpe cinte sejati u..

i like to share with all my viewers..

bukan mudah untuk mencipta bahagia..bile kite dpt.. amat susah untuk mempertahankannya..when u feel that happiness in ur life..take care of it..that will make ur live more precious.. - nurwa dirash-



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