Friday, July 17, 2009


One day
we wait for our destiny
im standing n waiting here..
and you r in the other side
sit and enjoy reading "the Perfect"
i just feel both of us there..but u never know..
looking at you with hope..
u feel my heart but its only hope
and after the moment..
my destiny come to journey
i just follow..but it fate that i can't thru that destiny..
my destiny passed waiting for another..
what the thing i dun noe..
his destiny come too..
with few hope..when i standing again leave my destiny..
n look back at ur place..

u not there..

im just standing alone with hope..
waiting for next destiny..

17 julai 09

sleep asus~~


Anonymous said...

eit...nur-wa-di-rash tuh nme pen yg baru ke?

nurhaz said...

siapakah anda anonymous..selindung di sebalik name?


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