Tuesday, October 6, 2009

when u meet somone
love u..care for u..
u think about for a while..is it ur true love?
is it ur lifetime soulmate?
some said that to love is so hard..very complicated....
but some said is so simple..
and for you?


one day if u find ur true love..
touch her heart..
respect her as u respect ut mother and sister..
if not..u are JERK!

love is important in women's heart..
u break it..u are selfish..
once ago..u make a love..its very hard to get it..
but..till the time..
u threw away that feeling..
her heart..u never care
that u call as simple?
for u? ..its very easy to her?
ya..very hard to make a love..but to leave it..
it very simple..rite?

so guys..
i make this poem..thru my experience + my observation..

people said..
first love is one love story that we will never forget..
its will be memory..
in fact we are not with them anymore..

people said..
when u are not meant to be together with ur 1st lover..
u will very heart broken..

is it?

i dun know...
u think about it..

kata ganti nama diri..i use 'her'..so..u can change to 'him' if u want..

carila cinta sejati mu..tinggalkan cinta palsu ini..


sleep asus~~



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